Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine Gameplay KGB & CIA Opening Missions

Take a look at the Phantom Doctrine gameplay which features the opening mission for the KGB agents and then the opening missions for the CIA operatives. Interestingly, the KGB campaign features full Russian language for authenticity which is pretty nice. Phantom Doctrine is a turn based action role playing spy

Phantom Doctrine Gameplay Preview

We take a look at Creative Forge Games’ Phantom Doctrine gameplay from the PC version which offers a selection of turn based role playing action and super sleuthing across the globe. You can play two separate campaigns via the Russian KGB or American CIA, the choice is yours. The game

Phantom Doctrine – Cinematic Release Date Trailer

Creative Forge’s Phantom Doctrine will launch on Steam, GOG, PS4, and Xbox One on August 14th. Check out the cinematic trailer. About: 1980s Cold War meets Global Conspiracy in this mix of turn-based tactics, strategic operations and counterintelligence investigation. Lead a rogue cell codenamed Cabal on a quest to rid