Nintendo Switch Sells 1.5m According to Superdata

Marked as a rumour for now but according to analysts SuperData, the Nintendo Switch console has sold in the region of 1.5m units since launch with high percentage of owners playing the new Zelda (some 1.34m in sales that’s 89%). SuperData has collated first week sales data supplied by Japanese

Nintendo Switch Price & Launch Date

Here’s the full Nintendo Switch presentation. You might want to skip to around the 30 minute mark in the video. It’s revealed the console will release on March 3rd 2017 costing $299.99 USD or £279.99 GBP. There will be a paid online service and no region locking for the games.

Where to Watch the E3 Announcents

Where to watch the E3 announcements with show times displayed for UK audiences. E3 2016 kicks off starting today with EA’s press conference this evening at 9pm. Then we have a whole stream of reveals over the next few days up until Tuesday. Sunday 12 June EA – 21.00 BST

Legend of Zelda Wii U Gameplay Demo

The Video Game Awards held last night also showcased some gameplay, most notably the first look at The Legend of Zelda on the Wii U which is still in development and eagerly anticipated. The video showcases the huge open landscapes, horse riding and such like, but Miyamoto also confirms the