Maximum Games

Nerf Legends Announce Trailer

Maximum Games presents a new multiplayer focused game, Nerf Legends which comes to consoles and PC platforms. “NERF Legends thrusts you into a futuristic, sci-fi world where you’ll come face-to-face with legions of robot enemies and ultimate boss masters. Armed with a wide array of NERF blasters based on their

Curved Space – Launch Trailer

Take a peek at this rather cool trailer for Curved Space a new take on the twin-stick shooter genre. Out now on consoles and PC. Curved Space is an intense arcade-style twin-stick shooter that takes the classic formula and plunges it into the weirdest reaches of space. Battle cosmic space-invading

Street Power Football – Reveal Trailer

Here is a look at Street Power Football which offers six unique modes of play including this cool freestyle mode. Street Power Football is a new action arcade sports game coming Summer 2020 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. Own the streets and unleash your street style

EXTINCTION – Story Trailer

The Ravenii are coming, and they are as cunning as they are powerful. You are a Sentinel, a relic of a forgotten time and humanity’s last defense against the encroaching horde. Only the kingdom of Dolorum remains, and our final attempt at survival hangs by a slender thread. Prepare for

Beast Quest – Launch Trailer

Maximum Games, Torus Games and Coolabi Group have launched Beast Quest, the new action-adventure game based on Adam Blade’s best-selling book series of the same name for Xbox One, PC and PS4. It will release in Europe on March 16th.

BEAST QUEST – Features Trailer

Explore the Kingdom of Avantia as it comes to life for the first time ever on consoles. Watch the new Features Trailer to learn more about the story, world, and creatures in Beast Quest! Beast Quest launches March 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

ROAD RAGE – Launch Trailer

Race, fight, and hustle your way through the ranks of the most insane outlaw motorcycle gang in town in Road Rage 2017 from Maximum Games available now on Xbox, PS4 and PC. As the newest recruit navigating the dangerous city of Ashen, you’ve got two goals in mind: earn money