Larian Studios

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Review

Larian Studios brings its well received turn based action role playing game to the console masses with the arrival of Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. Xbox One and PS4 gamers get the best of both worlds and if you’re coming from the PC original then the Enhanced Edition features will

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Gameplay

We put Larian Studios turn based role playing adventure to the test in our Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition gameplay video which shows off the opening tutorial moments with our two female fighters. If you’re a big fan of fantasy adventure with a turn based flavour then this classic PC

Divinity Original Sin II Kickstarter Announced

Larian Studios has today announced a Kickstarter campaign for Divinity Original Sin II, the sequel to the accomplished action role playing game Divinity:Original Sin. The campaign commences from August 26th 2015 and will allow fans the chance to voice their opinions about the game and how some of the rewards