Jared Brickey

State of Decay review

Prior to playing State of Decay, I’d heard positive things about the game and how well it functioned as a zombie survival “simulator.” I was excited to try it out, and waited eagerly as it took its time loading after I began a new game. Suddenly, with no videos, introductions,

Sacred Citadel review

I’m a huge fan of arcade brawlers, with my “big three” still being X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, and The Simpsons Arcade Game. There are others I love, of course, like Castle Crashers, but since those first three games were basically both my childhood and my introduction

Motocross Madness review

As a casual racing fan at best, Motocross Madness isn’t a game that I really expected to enjoy a great deal. I had no doubts about the game itself, but it usually takes something outlandish to get me to really jump on board a racer. Surprisingly, it only took a

Terraria review

I’m going to forego any sort of witty opening and begin this review with a confession: I don’t fully know how to review Terraria. I know that I could compare it to at least half a dozen games, past and present. I know that at times it reminds me of

The Cave review

I’m not an adventure game aficionado. I’ve really only played Sam & Max and The Walking Dead, making my experience with the genre quite limited. I didn’t play Monkey Island or anything “back in the day” and I only know of Ron Gilbert through my friends who say to me