Insurgency available now via Steam

New World Interactive’s tactical, team-based first-person shooter INSURGENCY is now available on Steam at a discounted price of $13.49 for a limited time. Take a look at the official launch trailer for a better idea of this cool tactical co-op shooter. INSURGENCY features: Tactical squad-based gameplay Intense 32-player adversarial online

Insurgency gets a full release date

New World Interactive has today revealed that their multiplayer tactical shooter Insurgency is departing the Early Access phase on Steam to become a full  release on the 22nd of January 2014. Take a look at the trailer. The game will be available for £14.99.

Insurgency action packed trailer

New World Interactive posted a new trailer for their available now via Steam Early Access tactical shooter Insurgency. Insurgency  offers some cool as nails co-op and competitive gaming against humans or bots and is very much in good working order at present. Take a look at the trailer and then

Insurgency Beta gets new modes

New World Interactive’s tactical shooter Insurgency Beta is in full swing, and today they have announced that it will be getting a couple of new game modes – Outpost and V.I.P. Escort. In Outpost mode players have to survive as long as possible against waves of increasingly tough AI opponents while V.I.P.

Insurgency Beta screenshots

New World Interactive announced today it has reached a new milestone in development, revealing a live Beta for its upcoming, competitive first-person shooter Insurgency. The Insurgency Beta will be available via Steam.  In the mean time, check out the Beta announcement trailer and screenshots. INSURGENCY is leading an indie revival

Insurgency screenshots and trailer

New World Interactive posted some new screenshots and a trailer for their forthcoming multiplayer tactical shooter, Insurgency which is currently available through Steam’s ‘Early Access’ store where players can purchase the game-in-progress for $14.99.