Hazard Ops

Hazard Ops is now on Steam

PC gamers can get involved in some cooperative gameplay against zombies, robots and aliens with the arrival of Hazard Ops which is now available via Steam. The game is a free-to-play title and means gamers can choose to purchase a further six DLC packs which include extra weapons, costumes and

Hazard Ops 25 minutes gameplay

The Hazard Ops closed Beta is currently up and running and looks like providing heaps of team based co-op or versus fun and games against an assault of zombies, robots and all sorts of monstrosities.  We posted some gameplay moments from the beta which show off team based play and

Hazard Ops Closed Beta begins May 28th

Infernum Productions has today announced that its  PC closed beta for the rather cool looking Hazard Ops will begin on May 28th. Players fight off zombies, monsters, robots and other monstrosities in tactical third person combat. To sign up head on over to the official website, and if you’ve not