GRID 2 Demolition Derby Trailer

Gamers looking to smash up cars and witness some impressive vehicle damage, can now do so with the free demolition derby add on for Codemasters’ GRID 2.  Take a look at the trailer and some screenshots to whet the appetites and we’ll remind you again, that the add on is

GRID 2 review

Aside from strong first-party console exclusives, Codemasters have otherwise had the racing genre on lock-down for a number of years, from the acclaimed DiRT series to 2008’s iconic Race Driver: GRID. Codemasters are certainly the masters of rally racing and have expanded into more traditional disciplines, all the while being

GRID 2 Launch Trailer

Namco Bandai are pleased to announced that their high octane racer is ready and willing as it hits retail stores across the UK and Europe today. Codemasters’ racer is looking like some speedy fun and well worth a punt if the original and this trailer are to go by. GRID