Games with Gold

Dungeon Defenders now Free on Xbox Live

Xbox 360 gamers can now download Dungeon Defenders for Free as part of the Games with Gold promotion on Xbox Live.  The game available only to Gold Subscribers will be downloadable through to Monday, March 31. About Dungeon Defenders: Dungeon Defenders brings together all the best elements of tower defense and

Sleeping Dogs now Free on Xbox Live

Gamers can now download the full version of Square’s rather cool open world action game, Sleeping Dogs from the Xbox Live Marketplace as part of the Games with Gold promotion. Simply head on over to the link here, or download via the dashboard. The game weighs in at 6.02 Gb.

Halo 3 now free on Xbox 360

As part of the Xbox 360 Games with Gold promotion, today gamers can snag the mighty Halo 3 free of charge and also pick up the Halo 3 Mythic II Map Pack at a discounted rate. Head on over to the official Halo 3 page and get downloading this classic game.

Halo 3 free this month with Games With Gold

As part of Microsoft’s Games with Gold promotion, gamers will be able to snag Halo 3 free from the 15th of October  if they are subscribed to the Xbox Live Gold service. The Games With Gold promotion has already offered some classic games including Fable 3, Assassin’s Creed II, Crackdown

Get Rainbow Six Vegas for FREE

As part of the Xbox 360 Games with Gold promotion, gamers who are Gold subscribers can now download the rather cool Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas for FREE. The link isn’t available via the dashboard yet, but is available (with several expansions) via the website. Simply sign in and

New Games with Gold game available now

As part of Microsoft’s enticement to get people subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, is its Games with Gold program which initially gave players Fable 3 for free which isn’t a bad offering. More games are planned such as Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3, but for now the next game