Focus Home Interactive

Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Launch Trailer

Cold Iron Studios and Focus Home Interactive presents Aliens: Fireteam Elite, which launches today on consoles and PC. Take a look at the launch trailer marine! Aliens: Fireteam Elite drops your fireteam of hardened marines into a desperate fight to contain the evolving Xenomorph threat. With over 20 enemy types,

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground – Launch Trailer

Focus Home Interactive/Gasket Games released the launch trailer for their Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground. The turn-based strategy game is available now for consoles and PC and comes with full crossplay support. Lead your customisable armies in dynamic, turn-based warfare in solo and PvP Become the commander of one

Necromunda: Hired Gun – Friends Forever Trailer

This latest trailer looks at man’s best friend in the upcoming Necromunda: Hired Gun which releases on consoles and PC from June 1st. Pick your contracts, hunt your targets, collect the bounty In proper RPG fashion, introduce yourself at Martyr’s End, the hub of all things bounty-hunting and more in

Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Launch Trailer

Welcome to Focus Home Interactive’s Hood: Outlaws & Legends the PVPVE heist game for consoles and PC. Choose your preferred class and then let the games commence. Faced with a merciless, unchecked state, rebels and rogues battle to claim their place among legends. To win influence with an oppressed people,

Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Gameplay Overview Trailer

Focus Home Interactive presents a new gameplay overview video for their upcoming Hood: Outlaws & Legends which releases on May 10th 2021. Hood: Outlaws and Legends, the multiplayer PvPvE heist game from Sumo Digital and Focus Home interactive today releases its Gameplay Overview trailer. Matchmaking in opposing teams of four,

Necromunda: Hired Gun – Reveal Trailer

Focus Home Interactive/StreumOn Studio announced today a new FPS for consoles and PC entitled, Necromunda: Hired Gun. The game releases on June 1st 2021. Necromunda: Hired Gun – the new, action-packed indie FPS for consoles and PC is revealed with release date in an epic trailer and opens pre-orders Focus