Eugen Systems

Wargame Red Dragon sells One Million

Focus Interactive in association with  Eugen Systems has today announced that its popular RTS game for PC Wargame Red Dragon has reached One Million copies sold which is excellent news. To mark the occasion Eugen has released some DLC for the game entitled, The Millionth Mile which comes free to

Wargame Red Dragon website launches

Eugen Systems has today unleashed its official website for its tactical RTS military game, Wargame Red Dragon and to mark the occasion released a new trailer showcasing the intense gameplay and features. Wargame Red Dragon is poised for release in Q2 of this year for PC gamers.

Wargame Red Dragon announcement screenshots

Focus Home Interactive has announced Wargame Red Dragon for PC and alongside the announcement released some screenshots from the game showing off those glorious combat vehicles. Quote: Wargame Red Dragon retains the same core game mechanics that made the series so successful, but the action leaves Europe for the first time

Wargame AirLand Battle screenshots

Eugen Systems has today released some new screenshots of their RTS game Wargame AirLand Battle which is the sequel to Wargame: European Escalation. With the integration of air forces and a huge fleet of more than 150 crafts of all kinds, and more than 200 new ground-based combat units and vehicles,