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Xbox One Gears of War Trilogy Incoming?

Microsoft posted an unusual Gears of War 3 video on its Youtube channel looking at the midnight launches of the game back in 2011 for the Xbox 360. This has sparked rumours that Microsoft are planning to release the Gears of War Trilogy on the Xbox One console much like

Fortnite video shows off some gameplay

Epic Games’ long overdue Fortnite will be a cover story in the next edition of Game Informer, and to highlight their coverage, they have released a teaser video which shows off some gameplay from the Xbox One exclusive survival shooter. What’s more, Epic Games are conducting a survey which is

Gears of War Judgment video review

Gears of War Judgment is here and the gloves are off as we take on the role of Baird and company in our video review. With the game most likely to be the last on current gen Xbox, does the series go out with a bang, or is it simply

Pose your questions to Gears of Wars Baird tonight

Get ready for Gears of War Live chat with the Gears of War Judgment hero Lt. Baird as he (his voice actor) will be answering fan questions tonight. For those in the UK, you can find more details over at: http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/marketplace/product/gears-of-war-judgment/gear-talk Here are the times when you can catch the

Upcoming Gears of War: Judgment DLC detailed

Epic Games have today detailed their plans for DLC for the upcoming prequel – Gears of War: Judgment. First up, there’s content scheduled to be released for free thanks to a sponsorship by the buxom Maxim magazine. This will see the release of an all new map, Haven – as

Gears of War Judgment VGA 2012 trailer

People Can Fly released a Gears of War Judgment VGA 2012 trailer to remind gamers that next year is also another good year for Gears fans. Microsoft have been a little on the quiet side regarding the game so it’s great to see some new footage.