Dragon’s Crown

Dragon’s Crown available now in Europe

After a lengthy wait since the North American release, European gamers can now get their hands on Atlus’ controversial action RPG Dragon’s Crown exclusively on the PS3. The digital version will be available next week via the PSN from October 16th. Dragon’s Crown has come under the spotlight for its

Dragon’s Crown guide hits the net

US and European PS3 gamers eagerly awaiting VanillaWares’ forthcoming action RPG Dragon’s Crown, will be pleased to learn that a new Japanese Dragon’s Crown guide site is available and offers lots of crucial play info for the game. Simply take a look at the site via Google translate to get

Dragon’s Crown Gameplay Trailer

Atlus released a new gameplay trailer for their PS3 PSvita exclusive Dragon’s Crown which is a 2D role playing game due out later this year in the summer. Dragon’s Crown is also the game which features the overly buxom sorceress and muscular amazonian characters. Dragon’s Crown is a multiplayer hack