Deadpool review – an entertaining ride

Today we’re taking a look at Activision and High Noon Studio’s action game based on the Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza character Deadpool, who after all these years since making his debut in 1991 he gets his own video game. There’s a lot to like about this game with its

Deadpool Bitch slaps Wolverine

Activision’s Deadpool game has some fine comedy fan service moments throughout its wacky campaign, but one of the most memorable moments comes when Wolverine and Deadpool team up early on in the game. Take a look at the video to see the ultimate duo work together, or not as the

Deadpool NYC Comic Con trailer

High Moon Studios and Activision released a trailer for their eagerly anticipated Deadpool videogame.As always, be prepared for bucketloads of tongue in cheek humor.