Crookz The Big Heist

Crookz The Big Heist Gameplay Videos

Skilltree Studios 70s themed crime based strategy game releases on Steam this August 25th 2015 and to give a taste of what you can expect we’ve posted a couple of exclusive Crookz The Big Heist gameplay videos showing some early missions pulling off perfect heists without raising the alarm. The

Crookz The Big Heist Walkthrough Videos

Skilltree Studios will be releasing their rather cool real time strategy game Crookz The Big Heist on August 25th via Steam. Whilst the concept of criminals performing heists is nothing new, the game itself is quite novel in its approach as it allows for playing in real time, or slowing

Crookz The Big Heist Gameplay Trailer & Screens

Skilltree Studios released the first gameplay trailer for their strategy crime game Crookz The Big Heist which is coming to PC, Mac and SteamOS on August 25th both digitally and at retail. For more information about the game head on over to the official website.   About Crookz – The