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Morphite Review – Relaxing Space Adventuring

Crescent Moon Games are poised to release their space adventure game Morphite on consoles, PC and mobile devices. It has to be said right out of the gate that Morphite shares many similarities with Hello Games’ highly divisive No Man’s Sky, the vanilla version at least. If you didn’t know,

Morphite Gameplay – PC/PS4/Switch/XB1

Morphite releases on September 20th but what is striking is how it shares some similarities with Hello Games’ divisive No Man’s Sky. Whilst it’s not the same game at all because of its own unique charms, the premise of space travel, scanning creatures on planets and such like feels very

Morphite – An atmospheric sci fi fps

Morphite from Crescent Moon Games releases on September 20th on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It features an atmospheric sci fi adventure which is filled with travel first person shooting and more. Take a look at the trailer. Myrah Kale will voyage to the furthest corners of space