Dragon’s Dogma hands on preview

Why you should buy Dragon’s Dogma this month We sunk a lot of man hours into the rather cool Dragon’s Dogma, and whilst we’ve already posted some gameplay narration, here’s a more in depth look at the game and how it all works, what we like about it, and some

Capcom details post launch Resident Evil 6 content

Capcom, has announced details of an extended Resident Evil 6 experience which will be further enhanced with the release of new modes and additional content come release on October 2nd. Available as downloadable content, three new gameplay modes will expand on the multiplayer elements and include the following: Survivors Mode takes the classic

Capcom announces new Euro e-store

Capcom today announced the availability of a new European based e-store where gamers can purchase exclusive Capcom content such as Resident Evil 6 leather jackets as worn by the character Leon Kennedy. The e-store will launch fully later this year, and is located at

Devil May Cry HD Collection review

Devil May Cry HD Collection is the first collection from one of Capcom’s legendary franchises but the second HD remastered games. The first being Resident Evil 4 which made a pretty decent transition to current gen systems and holds up very well. Devil May Cry games on the other hand,

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City review

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City or REORC, takes a successful franchise and changes up the gameplay to suit a more action slanted audience. All the elements from the franchise remain intact such as familiar faces from the Resident Evil series, the trademark zombies and a few surprises thrown in for

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 review

With Capcom’s long heritage of fine beat em ups it comes as no surprise really that we’re here with the arrival of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (MVC3). With the company not only fixed in fighting game lore, a slew of other franchises across multiple genres sits in their coffers to

Street Fighter X Tekken review

Street Fighter X Tekken is a perfect excuse to pit two famous fighting franchises together and see what the end result is. In this case, Capcom took the reigns and introduced Tekken characters into its popular Street Fighter game engine. The results are actually better than expected, as there was

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record review

Dead Rising 2 (DR 2) turned out to be a pretty great zombie action game, improving and tweaking from its predecessor and rekindling the flame for mass zombie killings, survivor rescue and dressing up in female clothing. Whilst Chuck Green the game’s protagonist came across determined yet a bit flat,