Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty Wolf versus Oblivion Horse Armor

Way back in 2006 Bethesda launched what was to become one of the most talked about aspects of their brilliant open world role playing action game The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion with the arrival of The Horse Armor Pack. This marked the beginning of Downloadable Content extras (DLC) involving immaterial

Call of Duty Ghosts, The Wolf DLC trailer

Activision released a showcase video for the rather unusual Call of Duty The Wolf DLC which is yours for $2/£1.59 and includes your very own attack wolf perk for use in the multiplayer. It’s available now on Xbox One.

Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One video review

We already well covered Call of Duty Ghosts in our Xbox 360 and PC review scoring the game 8.5/10 putting it slightly ahead of EA’s Battlefield 4. Now we turn to the Xbox One version and determine whether this is the definitive Xbox console version. Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox

Call of Duty Ghosts updated

Infinity Ward have been listening to fans and have released a new update for Call of Duty Ghosts on Xbox One. Take a look at the patch notes below for more details on what’s included in this latest fix. Performance Improved performance issues caused by spamming. Stability Fixed issues that