Born Ready Games

Strike Suit Zero Trailer

Born Ready Games released a new trailer for their Xbox One and PS4 versions of the  flight action game Strike Suit Zero which is already available for PC. The game is penned for release next month and looks like filling the flying void. About Strike Suit Zero: In the

Strike Suit Zero release date screenshots

Born Ready Games has today confirmed that the launch date of its Kickstarter backed Strike Suit Zero will be available for PC on the 24th of January 2013. Having gained some $174,804 from backers, the game is shaping up to deliver some cool gameplay. There team also plan for a

Strike Suit Zero developer diary 3 video

A new Strike Suit Zero developer diary video has been posted by Born Ready Games where Paul Ruskay talks about his work on the Strike Suit Zero soundtrack, including his collaboration with Japanese singer-songwriter, Kokia. The Kickstarter backed game is looking pretty slick so far in its pre-alpha stage. It’s