Beat Cop

Beat Cop Review

Pixel Crow’s Beat Cop on PC is a throwback game to the 80s complete with a pixel art direction and groovy soundtrack. You play as a framed detective who isn’t tried in court as you would expect, but is demoted and allowed to patrol a section of Brooklyn’s streets as

Beat Cop – launch trailer

Pick up some doughnuts and hit the streets of ’80s Brooklyn for a non-linear adventure of police drama, retro aesthetics, and humor to make your mother blush. Beat Cop is available today on PC (Win/Mac/Linux).

Beat Cop Gameplay

Take a quick look at the point and click time cum management game Beat Cop which releases on PC from March 30th from Pixel Crow. Cruise the streets, issue tickets and accept or deny bribes from the mob in 80s Brooklyn NYC. Check out the game via Steam which is

Beat Cop Game Announcement Teaser

11 Bit Studios has teamed up with Pixel Crow to bring us their Beat Cop game, a new experience for wannabe law enforcement officers. You play as Jack Kelly who is framed for murder and needs to find out who set him up whilst being demoted to a beat cop