Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight 3D Videos Look Great

Despite the PC version of Rocksteady Studios Batman Arkham Knight being plagued with problems for many users, when it does work it’s a fantastic game on PC even though the differences between the consoles versions aren’t that great even in light of some exclusive Nvidia Gameworks special effects. However, there’s

Batman Stays On Top of the UK Software Sales Chart

Charttrack released the latest UK Software sales chart positions which this week puts the Batman Arkham Knight from Warner Bros. at the top of the pile for another week with their other game, LEGO Jurassic World at number 2. There’s no change at 3 with Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls Online

Batman Arkham Knight Pulled from Steam

In other news bat fans and it seems Warner Bros. are taking direct action with their Batman Arkham Knight release on PC by pulling the game from Steam with the aim of fixing the problems before re-releasing it. You can read the full official message posted below or alternatively you

Batman Arkham Knight Console VS PC Graphics Comparison

Batman Arkham Knight released yesterday on consoles and PC platforms although has come under fire for having performances issues when running the PC version. We’ve already established the game’s performance using AMD graphics cards and although it’s not perfectly running at a desirable 60 frames per second, is good enough

Batman Arkham Knight PC Performance Videos

Batman Arkham Knight is available now on consoles and PC although it appears some folks are having issues with the game. Aside from a locked 30 fps which has to be altered by changing the config file, the game fluctuates quite a bit depending on the scenes. Users are mostly