Arkane Studios

Dishonored 2 Release Date

Bethesda/Arkane Studios has today announced that its upcoming first person stealth action game Dishonored 2 will release worldwide on Friday, November 11th 2016 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. What’s more, the first proper look at the gameplay will be revealed during Bethesda’s E3 showcase on June 12th 7pm

Dishonored Definitive Edition Launch Trailer

Bethesda/Arkane Studios just released a Dishonored Definitive Edition launch trailer to mark the game’s arrival on Xbox One/PS4 this week on the 27th of August. Dishonored Definitive Edition boasts enhanced graphics and all of the 2012 Game of the Year content which includes the original, Dishonored, Dunwall City Trials, The

Dishonored 2 Trailer E3 2015

Bethesda announced Dishonored 2 during its E3 2015 conference despite some leaked murmurings the day before via a rogue studio microphone. Either way, this is great news for fans and means gamers will be able to take to more of the gritty world as set out by the first game.

Dishonored Definitive Edition Announced

Bethesda announced a new an enhanced version of Dishonored coming later this year (August 25th) for Xbox One and PS4 with the arrival of Dishonored Definitive Edition. For £29.99 gamers can play the original game alongside all of the extra DLC in one neat package. Key Content: Dishonored Dishonored —

Dishonored video competition begins

Fancy getting your Dishonored video work featured in the next Dishonored trailer, then check out a new Dishonored video competition where submitting your work could also net you an exclusive Sokolov painting from the PAX East party. For the Dishonored video competition gamers are required to send their coolest video

Dishonored artwork commentary

Sebastien Mitton – Art Director, Arkane Studios offers the following commentary to various bits of artwork from the recently released  Dishonored. His words offer greater insight into the game. This is the very first pencil drawing we did when the game was set in London, in 1666. I’m a bit