Fallout Shelter Android Download Link

Gamers can now download for Android devices the eagerly anticipated Fallout Shelter via the following download link to the Google Play Store. Bethesda’s standalone free-to-play game originally launched on IOS and now comes to Android devices some months later. About Fallout Shelter: BUILD THE PERFECT VAULT Create a brighter future…underground!

Fallout Shelter Gameplay Video

With the announcement of a new free to play IOS (and soon to be Android) mobile game set within the Fallout universe entitled Fallout Shelter the game looks set to be a great pastime for those eagerly awaiting the full game to release this November. Whilst the game’s release has

Albion Online houses screenshots and info

Sandbox Interactive has today released some fresh info and screenshots on its Housing System as seen in their forthcoming free to play cross-platform play Albion Online. The game is heading to mobile devices, PC and Mac and allows players to take stock and recharge by purchasing houses in towns and

Block Story PC screenshots

Mindblocks Studio LLC, has today announced that its Android/IOS game Block Story will be coming to the PC very soon and released a series of screenshots to whet the appetite. The game is a 3D sandbox RPG adventure and will be available on Steam Early Access later this week on April 25th for

New gaming device Nvidia Shield

At CES Nvidia unveiled a new portable gaming device which is currently being touted as project “Shield”. Nvidia Shield looks around the size of an Xbox controller and has a built in flip screen. The device can connect to the cloud to play Android games, TegraZone games, and PC games