Alice VR

Alice VR Review

Carbon Studio released its Oculus Rift/PC adventure game Alice VR for the masses and whilst the name suggests it’s a VR only title it can be played on a regular 2D monitor if desired. Normally the recommendation would be to steer towards the VR experience but in this case 2D

ALICE VR Release Trailer

Alive VR makes its way to VR platforms today (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, OSVR) and to mark the occasion here’s a launch trailer to sink your teeth into. It has to be noted the game can also be played in standard 2D. For more info head on over to the

Alice VR Story Trailer

A critical spaceship failure forces you to land on an alien planet in order to replenish graphene supply. The simple purchase task is complicated when you realize that the planet, once colonized, seems deserted. You’ll have to deal with a series of exciting puzzles before you can find out what