After Reset

After Reset Cover Art & Dev Update released

Black Cloud Studios has just updated their website and kickstarter page with pertinent details prior to the game hitting Steam Early Access in March. The project surpassed its Kickstarter goal quite easily as thousands of eager contributors await their steam keys. The update talks about the progress of the Fall

After Reset development update

Black Cloud Studios has recently posted some more pertinent details of progress being made on their forthcoming role playing game After Reset which recently was fully backed via its successful Kickstarter campaign. The game is still a way off in terms of completion but at least this week, there’s progress

After Reset first update detailed

Black Cloud Studios released an update on their forthcoming and recent successful Kickstarter Campaign for After Reset, the post apocalyptic role playing game on PC. Providing more details on the game’s progression it appears all hands are on deck to get the game up and running, but also the team

After Reset becomes a reality

Black Cloud Studios’ post apocalyptic PC role playing game After Reset becomes a reality after a successful second Kickstarter campaign which has recently ended. The studio managed to secure some $94,000 which is far more than its target of $35,000. The high figure has meant the studio surpassed some of

After Reset Character Feats details

Black Cloud Studios has today released some more details of their character feats which players will be granted when they level up and progress their characters in After Reset. Click the links to see detailed descriptions of what are available and how they are incorporated in the game. After Reset

After Reset Human Races revealed

Black Cloud Studios has today released the first look at the After Reset human races who will appear in their forthcoming post apocalyptic role playing game. For more infomation about each race click the title links or visit the After Reset Kickstarter page.   Human Races Pastagers. Human Races Survivors.

After Reset update as project reaches second stretch goal

Black Cloud Studios has released some more information about their forthcoming post apocalyptic role playing adventure, After Reset as the kickstarter campaign closes in on its second stretch goal after already reaching its initial target.  With just a few dollars to add to the growing amount of funding, the team