Redout Review – The New Wipeout in VR

Redout is the new high speed futuristic racing game from 34BigThings being inspired by games like F-Zero and Wipeout. The premise is simple, choose a craft and a circuit and either speed around the twisting tracks solo in Time Attack mode (and variations on the theme) or against 11 AI

Redout Gameplay – Oculus Rift, OSVR, Vive Supported

34BigThings released their high speed futuristic racer on Steam this week and if you’re looking for something to churn your stomach whether that’s playing in 2D or VR then this is a strong candidate. Sharing quite a few similarities with Wipeout on the Playstation, Redout doesn’t do things by halves

Hyperdrive Massacre Review

34BigThings releases its Hyperdrive Massacre PC game on consoles as it aims to provide a party of up to four players some space themed driving action. However, after just 10 minutes play it’s clear that this game whilst sounding good on paper is actually pretty basic and the sort of