110 Industries

Wanted: Dead Finishers Explained Video

110 Industries showcases how finishers work in their upcoming cyberpunk themed action game, Wanted: Dead. The game comes to consoles and PC next month on Valentines day of all days (that’s Feb 14th). Developed by Japanese studio Soleil, Wanted: Dead is not for the faint of heart, featuring over 50 savage and unique

Wanted: Dead – Combat Explained Video

110 Industries and developer Soleil showcases the Wanted: Dead combat in this latest video ahead of the game’s Feb 14th release on consoles and PC. Developed by Japanese studio Soleil, Wanted: Dead is no ordinary action game. Players will experience some nail-bitingly close encounters and will have to use their skills to juggle

Wanted: Dead – Extended Story Trailer

Take a look at this updated story trailer for the upcoming cyberpunk themed action game Wanted: Dead from developer 110 Industries and Soleil. The game comes to consoles and PC via Steam in Q4 2022. Wanted: Dead is a high-octane third-person action game that seamlessly mixes swordplay with gun combat.

Wanted: Dead – Valentine’s Day Trailer

110 Industries & developer Soleil presents a new cyberpunk themed action game, entitled Wanted: Dead coming to consoles and PC. “Developed by Japanese studio Soleil, Wanted: Dead blends melee sword combat, exciting gunplay and a unique limb severing system to deliver a deep action title inspired by the mechanically rich combat systems

Red Goes Faster – Teaser Trailer

110 Industries presents Red Goes Faster, an intergalactic racing game which is coming to consoles and PC in 2024. In Red Goes Faster, players take on the role of Leon Garcia, an aspiring young racer who takes part in intergalactic races by day and explores his home planet of Keplar

Vengeance is Mine – Teaser Trailer

110 Industries presents a new time-manipulation mech game entitled, Vengeance is Mine which is in development for consoles and PC. Take a look at the teaser which showcases the HYDRA mech suit. “Vengeance Is Mine’s, brutal melee mech combat is augmented with a time-manipulation mechanic that adds a fascinating twist

Wanted: Dead – Teaser Trailer

110 Industries presents, Wanted: Dead in this action-packed trailer showing early alpha gameplay. They also announced that Stefanie Joosten has joined 110 Industries as a creative director on their other game, Vengeance Is Mine. She will also act as cutscene director for Wanted: Dead.