Tachyon Rider Kickstarter Begins

Tachyon Rider is a VR racing game set in a retro cyber themed world. The developers are looking for £2,361 funding with 29 days remaining. Check out the details on the Kickstarter Page.

Tachyon Rider is a VR retro cyber-racer with themes of action and adventure existing during the Tachyon Era. Mankind has surpassed the slow and monotonous lifestyle, so turn up the music and put that pedal to the Tachyon metal as you glide across the cyberscape. Fancy some competition and danger? Visit the Retro City Arena to participate in a variety of exciting and immersive game modes!

Everybody has a place in the world of Tachyon Rider, but only the fearless few make it to the top…

-Retro City: The large and immersive city of the future, Capital of the Tachyon Era
-3 In depth game modes: Prism, Highway121, Neon Cup Retro City Side Quests
-3 Customizable vehicles
-Interact-able NPCs and voiced characters
-Win currency from each game mode used to spend in Retro City
-Purchase a variety of upgrades and abilities

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