SWARM Comes to Oculus VR This Year

Greensky Games presents a new Spider-Man meets Borderlands, cel shaded VR game called “SWARM” coming to the Oculus platform. Take a look at the trailer before getting your Rift, Quests and stomachs prepped for this fast-paced action game.

SWARM seamlessly blends FPS and Spider-Man-like grappling in quick, adrenaline-fueled sessions. Players will swing around beautiful arenas while battling cunning enemies with their dual-wielding pistols. Surviving and defeating the onslaught of insectoids will require serious strategy, carefully aimed grapples, and quick shots. The most powerful weapons are scattered throughout the brightly colored arenas and allow players to plan tactical volleys, just like in classic arcade shooters.

The world of SWARM is spread across 21 levels and 5 dynamic zones. With a focus on quick sessions, players can zoom through 10-20 minute matches. Featuring a competitive global leaderboard, and a very high skill ceiling, SWARM will certainly provide many hours of replayability. 

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