Sublevel Zero VR Enabled Space Shooter Announcement Trailer

Mastertronic and developer Sigtrap has just released a new announcement trailer for their forthcoming procedural generated space shooter Sublevel Zero which is coming to Steam and is VR enabled making it usable with the Oculus Rift head mounted display. The game is coming to PC, Mac and Linux this summer and should be heaps of VR fun. Take a look at the trailer and some fresh screenshots.

Sublevel Zero - SL0Screen01

Sublevel Zero - SL0Screen02

Sublevel Zero - SL0Screen03

Sublevel Zero - SL0Screen04

Sublevel Zero - SL0Screen05

Sublevel Zero - SL0Screen06

Sublevel Zero - SL0Screen07

Sublevel Zero - SL0Screen08

Sublevel Zero - SL0Screen09

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