Styx Master of Shadows screenshots roll in

Cyanide Studios released some new Styx Master of Shadows screenshots ahead of E3 2014 showcasing more assassin stealth based action as lead goblin Styx climbs the tower of Akenash to reach his goal. The game is looking mighty fine at present and should be heaps of fun for gamers who like to skulk about undetected. Stay tuned for more details as E3 goes into full swing next week.

About Styx Master of Shadows:

Styx, the goblin assassin, is climbing his way up the Tower of Akenash. From the murky, oppressive depths of the tower to the opulent and magnificent summits where the elite guards and the citizens of the tower reside, Styx will have to work hard to reach his objective: The Tree, the source of the Amber, the promise of infinite riches he would like to possess. Master assassin and part-time thief, Styx will be able to remove any objects hampering his progress: but don’t leave any clues behind that could betray your presence to the guards… like a lifeless body in a walkway!

Written by: Rob Cram

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