Streets of Rage 4 – Mr. X Nightmare DLC reveal

Dotemu presents some new DLC coming for Streets of Rage 4 entitled, Mr. X Nightmare DLC. Take a look at the trailer which fills in the blanks.

The hardhitting gameplay DLC trailer displays a whole new gaming experience, while introducing some awesome new features and playable fighters such as:

  • The intimidating and powerful Estel Aguirre as a playable character
  • New smashing game modes
  • Extra moves and weapons to keep the battles interesting
  • Exclusive tracks by Tee Lopes

With “Mr. X Nightmare”, get ready to go back into Wood Oak City, and join forces with Axel, Blaze and their mates to face the new threats that will stand in your way.

We are well aware that it’s been a long wait for you all, but the dream continues thanks to your unconditional love and support. We hope you will enjoy the upcoming surprises as much as we do… So stay tuned for more!

Written by: News Bot

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