Street Heroes Gameplay Preview 4K

Street Heroes from developer Chen Jin is a cheap to play (79p) fighting game which looks like having a free-to-play style model. Upgrade your fighters and then take on various opponents. There is obviously a language barrier here as there are no English subs, but you can work things out well enough. Take a look at the Street Heroes gameplay from the PC version which released on Steam on September 10th 2018. The game is also available on Android.


Button correspondence: D →, S ↓, A ←, W ↑, J attack, K defense, 1, 2, 3 correspond to three skills, 4 break defense, U/I/O change the specified role appearance
You can use the 1, 2, 3 on the keyboard to quickly cast your skills, or you can cast them with a trick.
(The skill damage that will be released will have a bonus, see the character skill interface)

Welcome to the world of heroes! The martial artists from all over the world gather here to participate in an important event of the project, among which the strongest martial artists have to undergo a desperate struggle to win the title of the strongest warrior!
Hurry up and build your own team and test yourself in the fierce battle of the most history!

Hero growth:
Open a new hero card. Cultivate and develop them and gain new skills and gains.

Matching combination:
Explore the most effective combination because each of them has a unique set of skills and equipment.

Epic Battle:
Join PVP Battle 3vs3 and use the combination of features and fighting skills to ruin your opponent mercilessly!

Fighting Alliance:
Create your own guild with your friends or join an existing one! Appoint your partners in the team and compete with them for the world of fighters to prove your status!

Rich gameplay:
Mainline story scene battles, various competitive modes, PVP and PVE combat gameplay, collection gameplay, tie-down system, and daily and mission – you have never seen a fighting game style!

You have to try to defeat all the enemies and uncover the secrets of the hidden depths. It’s time to taste the taste of my fist, Come on!

Written by: Rob Cram

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