Splinter Cell Blacklist gameplay preview part 2 – The Ghost

We’re continuing our pre-release look at the gameplay in Splinter Cell Blacklist. This time we’re focusing on the Ghost gameplay and how this offers its own set of challenges. Previously we looked at how the influx of dogs can hamper on a stealth approach if one is avoiding the panther style altogether.

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So why would you want to play Ghost style? Well previously in conviction there was no rewards system and players were left to get from A to B  in any way possible. Blacklist is more refined, and means players can adopt one of three disciplines in how they approach missions. – Ghost, Panther and Assault. Aside from leaderboards and mastery of levels in a particular field, there’s an economy system in place much like the previous PEC options, were every action nets points in one of the three fields, depending on the situation. Ghost players won’t see the benefits of their endeavors until they reach the checkpoints where enemies evaded rewards are then displayed.

It is possible to mix things up a little and have Ghost Panther and Combat awards at the end of each level, but Ghost players are likely to hit rel0ad last checkpoint if spotted. What’s neat is how on top the enemies can become when Sam is busted. It makes escape for a Ghost or Panther style player difficult meaning switch to more offensive modes or simply restart again.

Blacklist continues the option to distract opponents to sneak past with various tools, the old shoot out lights returns, but again, purists being true Ghosts will not interfere with anything at all. Aside from a few scripted moments where Sam has to take down key targets either lethally or non-lethal, most of the what we’ve played so far is fair game in how one tackles each level.

Ghost style is perhaps the most challenging way to play Blacklist, and from what we’ve seen there’s a little bit of a random element when restarting a checkpoint for those who believe it’s game over when busted.  Good knowledge and mastery of using the shadows is key to success for the Ghost player, and thankfully, provides the most classic “Splinter Cell” like gameplay thus far this generation.


Written by: Rob Cram

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