Source of Madness – Release Date Trailer ( May 11, 2022)

Thunderful Games’ rather nice looking side-scrolling action game Source of Madness releases on May 11th this year. The game will arrive on consoles and PC (full release – already available now in Early Access).

Source of Madness puts players in the role of an acolyte in an alternate reality controlled by cosmic entities. These worlds warp and distort each day, leaving the Loam Lands unpredictably terraformed and inhabited by grotesque beings of celestial origins. To get to the source of this unknowable evil, your voyage will take you across nine biomes, from the depths of Dungeon of Forgotten Knowledge, the eerie landscape of the Forest of Lies, to the grand non-euclidean citadel R’Lyeh, all the way up to celestial bodies on the rims of the universe.

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