SoulCalibur VI 4K 60 FPS Looks Fantastic

We take the PC version of SoulCalibur VI for spin using the game’s maximum settings at 4K resolution. The aim is to maintain a solid 60 fps at 4K which the RTX 2080 Ti manages with ease as you can see by our on screen display. The game also looks mighty sharp and fine at this level of detail which puts it well above the console versions. SoulCalibur VI isn’t the best looking fighting game though and is a bit of a downgrade from Tekken 7 for example. In some instances, the visuals look a little dated (especially texture detail) at times despite the clarity at 4K. Take a look at our SoulCalibur VI 4K 60 FPS Arcade Mode performance videos to get the full lowdown. One video highlights the game’s custom character option and the other the standard Sophitia character.

Written by: Robert Cram

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