Soul Calibur 6 Arcade & Libre of Souls Mode – PS4 Pro

Take a look at the Soul Calibur 6 arcade mode Ivy video which has you fight your way through 8 stages in the quickest time. It feels more like a time-attack mode more than anything because as you can see the opponents are quite random. At one point playing as Ivy, we encountered our doppelganger. Either way, if you want to earn SP which is the game’s currency used to unlock extra content, then this is just one way to accumulate it.

The second video showcases the Libre of Souls mode which is where players can create a custom character and fight through various stages on a world map. As the story progresses events become more challenging. The Libre of Souls mode is the place to unlock more content for the game.

For the record, this video isn’t from the final build of the game so some elements might be subject to change.

Written by: Robert Cram

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