Sony Will Raise Playstation Plus Price In August

Sony has sent an email today informing subscribers to their Playstation Plus service that come August 31st there will be a Playstation Plus price increase of 25% from £39.99 per year to £49.99 per year making it more expensive that Microsoft’s Xbox Live which charges £39.99 for the same period. The change is also reflective with lower payments where the quarterly charge sees an increase of 33% from £14.99 to £19.99 for three months. If you pay this way you end up paying £79.96 per year. If you opt for a monthly payment plan the pay increase changes from £5.99 to £6.99, that’s £83.88 per year. Gamers will still be able to log in to the Playstation Network for free but playing online games and receiving monthly discounts/free games comes with the premium attached. No doubt this isn’t going to sit well with many gamers considering PC players can play online for free and last generation Playstation 3 offered a free online service.

Written by: News Bot

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