Sniper Elite 5 – Landing Force DLC Trailer

Available now for consoles and PC is Sniper Elite 5 Landing Force DLC. Rebellion released a new trailer showcasing all the action.

Deploy to the South of France where enemy forces have commandeered an island off the coast of Marseille to house a gargantuan gun battery. The vast island is a hive of Nazi activity and features docks, lighthouse and a ruined keep as well as the huge gun emplacement which must be destroyed in order to help the Allied Landing Force liberate Southern France.

To aid in your mission you will be able to equip a new stealthy D.L. Carbine rifle and powerful PPSH Submachine gun. The D.L. Carbine fires a slow-moving round that doesn’t break the sound barrier, this combined with its large integral suppressor, makes for an excellent covert rifle – ideal for silently neutralising your enemy. Meanwhile the PPSH’s high rate of fire and large magazine offer tremendous sustained firepower that will be devastating during close-quarters combat.

This pack includes:
• Landing Force Mission Pack
• Rifle Weapon Pack: D.L. Carbine
• SMG Weapon Pack: PPSH

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