Six Miles Under launches its Kickstarter Campaign

Polish developers Loony Bin Studios has today announced the opening of its Six Miles Under Kickstarter Campaign. The game is set within a dark world and offers some brutal stylized side scrolling combat for action gamers. There’s already a decent gameplay video to feast your eyes on, but it’s the dark imposing visual style which gives the game its distinctive edge. Also take a look at some great looking screenshots in our gallery.



About Six Miles Under:


In Six Miles Under you play as Preston Trencher, an enforcer trying clear his name and avoiding being taken out thanks to the bounty on his head. Time’s running out and with false friends and sloppy killers, there’s only one avenue left to take; good old fashioned revenge.

Six Miles Under is set in a dark, dank but enigmatic environment, one that’s been ravaged by an unforseen nuclear apocalpyse, forcing all remaining humans to live deep, deep underground. Presenting a slick 2D combat system and diverse counter system, players can use enemies’ weapons against them, bury them under a barrage of rocks or even just simply throw them off of a moving train. The dynamic fight system allows players to keep the action going, keeping the game’s hero alive for his journey whilst exploring an underground prison that’s turned into a city and last bastion of hope for humanity.


Key Features:

  • Six Miles Under presents some challenging 2D combat with a diverse counter system and environmental hazards. Use enemies’ weapons against them, bury them under a pile of rocks in the mines, or throw them off of moving trains.
  • Dynamic fight system that makes it easy to keep the action going as you try to keep Preston Trencher alive during his journey, or as close as possible.
  • A story of betrayal in an underground prison turned into a city. Gather clues and learn about the motivations of the unruly citizens.
  • Unique boss fights that challenge the player’s skills, testing everything that has been learned from fighting for Preston’s body and soul.
  • Atmospheric art style…. and heavy metal. Lots of it.

Written by: Rob Cram

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