Silicon Rising Gameplay Trailer – Coming to VR in Feb 2020

Developer KUKR GAME posted a new Silicon Rising gameplay trailer to mark the game’s imminent arrival on VR headsets. This cyberpunk themed game (in the vein of Time Crisis) will release via Steam this February.

Silicon Rising give you all new experience for old school arcade style game, let me tell you the truth, this is definitely not a simple VR FPS game. Compare with shooting the most exciting moment is when use a enchanting figure to dodging the deadly bullets. It made a totally immersive game experience, you might find yourself dropping to the floor to avoid them. At the same time, you need to watch your back; enemies don’t only attack from the front. Use your superb shooting skills to quickly take out wave after wave of enemies. Every shot is part of your bullet symphony, you are the conductor and the rhythm leader.
Full of suspense and futuristic science fiction story, straddling game chapters with completely different gameplay, never thought this game is all about shooting , try the thrilling gun battle with high-speed drag racing, stay away from immutable gameplay.

Story Background
It is a future world where artificial intelligence dominates. Highly-intelligent machines are responsible for keeping society functioning, step-by-step, day after day. Tycoons occupy the sources of all information and use them as a master key to control the world.
Rebellion becomes more difficult by the day and the price for finding out the truth gets higher and higher. What can be used to measure justice? Who should be spared?
You follow the protagonists as they search for the essence of this manipulated world and uncover the truth.

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