She Will Punish Them Advanced Gameplay – Worth A look now its on Sale?

Here is another look at some She Will Punish Them gameplay, showing off more advanced features such as two fighting companions, legendary gear, alongside some of the later maps. L2 Games just released another update which allows you to do full customization of your companion characters. To explain more what is happening here, the main gameplay loop is to create your character, and then enter the battle grounds alone. It can be quite tough to begin with. You will snag some loot which includes potions, weapons, armour and optional lingerie items. You will also get these as rewards upon mission completion. As you obtain better gear and level-up your character, you will be ready to tackle tougher missions. There are two types of mission, a horde type or find the boss type and the odd rescue mission. The boss missions offer better rewards.

As you progress you recruit another follower, you can also purchase temporary companions from the store. These you can also customize and level-up. You can set how they play depending on what skills/weapons you give them. If you look at the video, you can see we set one as a ranged attacker with a bow-and-arrows, and the other a mage/melee fighter. You can manage these by placing potions in their inventories. They also increase your inventory space making them pretty useful.

The game has been in development since April 2020 and is in Steam Early Access. It has come a long way since it first appeared and L2 Games seem keen to add new features. Our only gripe here is perhaps some more challenging enemy AI, a lock-on system and more combos. Hopefully L2 will address these issues. She Will Punish Them currently is discounted in the summer sale for just £7.43 (40% Off). Be warned though, the game does contain some optional adult themes in the form of skimpy clothing and nudity for those who want that.

Written by: Rob Cram

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