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Overwatch Review

Anyone who was a part of the last console generation might remember the “war” between Infamous and Prototype (or inFamous and [PROTOTYPE] if you’re a stickler for stylized capitalization and pointless punctuation) as both games launched around the same time and were both superpower-fueled sandbox extravaganzas. As I begin to

Kill To Collect Review

Pieces Interactive released their action packed Rogue-Lite game on PC entitled Kill to Collect via Steam which is a futuristic cyberpunk hack and slash game using a top down view. You’re offered online multiplayer with up to three additional players and a choice of four unique characters who each have

Kill to Collect Gameplay Trailer

Pieces Interactive released an action packed gameplay trailer for their upcoming cyberpunk themed rogue-lite top down co-op shooter ‘Kill to Collect’ which will be available via Steam on April 6th. This is a game to be played solo or with up to four players as you battle it out for

Kill to Collect Teaser Trailer

Pieces Interactive has today released a cool looking teaser trailer for their upcoming Steam game Kill to Collect which is an 80s themed cyberpunk busting co-op rogue-like action game. For more details head on over to the official website. About Kill To Collect: Kill to Collect takes place in Geoshelter

Mad Max Game Launch Trailer

Warner Bros/Avalanche Studios released a Mad Max Game launch trailer to mark the game’s release today on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If you’re a fan of cyberpunk brutality set within an post apocalyptic setting then this is certainly well worth a look in.

The Technomancer New Screenshots

Spiders has today released a selection of new screenshots from their forthcoming The Technomancer video game which releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2016. About The Technomancer: Spiders studio is back with The Technomancer, a new post-apocalyptic RPG set in a cyberpunk world for PlayStation 4, Xbox One