SCAN or SCAM? Rise of the Tomb Raider Not Free with Nvidia GPU

We’re not sure if this practice is being mirrored across many websites but it most likely is all things considered. Only last week we decided to purchase an Nvidia GTX 980 Ti from a very well known online UK retailer for a modest sum of £517.98 including VAT free next day delivery. Not a bad deal by any stretch. However, since Nvidia just announced its deal where purchasing specific Nvidia graphics cards nets shoppers Rise of the Tomb Raider digital download code thrown in for Free something is at odds with the idea of the item being “free”. In our case looking at the identical card from the same online supplier who advertise the Tomb Raider deal and we can see they have hiked the price to cover the cost of the game. So in this instance, the website lists the GTX 980 Ti with a cost of £557.98 including VAT and free delivery. If we do the maths there’s an approximate £39.99 difference between the price we paid (pre Tomb Raider promotion) and its current price. If we check the price of Rise of the Tomb Raider on Steam for example…and wait for it…it’s surprise surprise £39.99. Basically this retailer has simply added the full price of the game to the cost of the graphics card under the guise of it being free. Sure, retailers will argue that prices change all the time as special offers and promotions come in to play, so in this instance we’re certain if pressed the retailer in question would argue the price we got the card for last week was a “special promotional price”. However, the hiking of the price to an exact match of the cost of the game seems quite obvious and putting it bluntly takes the proverbial biscuit. We’ll assume whoever is running the promotion at Nvidia isn’t in on this but who knows such is the cagey world of online sales.

For the record, the retailer in question is usually very competitive with a good service (which we’ve used often). It’s a shame they are tarnishing their reputation in this manner.

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