Samsung Gear VR Store Goes Live in Europe

North American gamers have been enjoying the Samsung Gear VR paid store for quite some time now leaving the rest of the world patiently waiting. Well as of today the paid store is now available in European territories and adds a premium to the full games of what were previously demos only. Whilst there’s not a huge amount of content to choose from it’s a good start considering European gamers have been somewhat left in the dark. Prices are listed in USD rather than local currency which we’ll assume might change in the future, and games ranged from $2.99 up to $9.99. Thankfully, the demos that were available before still remain which means users can try before they buy. With the Galaxy S6 Gear VR launching in the coming weeks we expect more content to be added as the store is likely to be available day one for early adopters.

New Premium Content:

Viral – $2.99
Protocol Zero – $4.99
Mars is a Real Place – $2.99
Bandit Six $2.99
Gunner – $3.99
Nighttime Terror – $3.99
Esper – $4.99
Dodge This VR – $2.99
Darknet – $9.99
Dreadhalls – $4.99
Babel Rising – $2.99

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