Samsung Gear VR Lack of New Content Addressed

Early adopters of the Samsung Gear VR might have noticed a distinct lack of new content since the device launched in various territories across the globe earlier this year in the UK and at the end of last year in North America. The standard included content of game demos, movie trailers and 360 imagery act as teasers into something a lot more spectacular in the future, yet in themselves these showcase demos are entertaining moments which sadly don’t command extended or repeated plays leaving many users simply basking in watching their own video/photo based content instead. Some users have expressed disappointment towards Oculus and Samsung over their lack of communication with early supportive adopters regarding this issue and perhaps this is a justified concern considering new content being released for the device is comparatively non-existent. Whilst most users are waiting patiently for a fully fledged paid app store to appear, until then things are rather dry and details sketchy at best. Well, according to the an official forum moderator over at the Oculus Forums, has reiterated the obvious remark of being patient for things to happen. He also mentioned that most of the content happening behind the scenes is coming from 3rd parties with assistance from Oculus and that development for 3D based VR content does take quite a bit of time, more than traditional content.

He said:

“There is stuff going on behind the scenes, but it’s not necessarily anything I can speak about publicly right now. I know that is not ideal, and I try to share as much as I can without stepping on anyone’s toes or revealing too much.

Please be aware that the content is almost all coming from 3rd party developers and not Oculus itself. However, Oculus will continue to work with developers to get more content on the platform.

You just have to understand that game development (especially 3D rendered titles) can take several months or longer to create. That is likely why much of the content now are short demo experiences. Full length games can take a long time to make. So please be patient.”

So in a nutshell, it’s coming and it’s merely early days for those who have been bitten by the VR bug. There’s no doubt many will argue the “Innovator Edition” tag coupled with the device means it’s really not ready for a full blown consumer release, but the fact remains the Gear VR is available to anyone who wants one.

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