Sam Fisher infiltrates Terrorist Cell in East London – Splinter Cell Blacklist

One of the levels in Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell Blacklist is set in London’s Royal Victoria Dock, and rather than create a fictitious locale based on elements of the area, it seems Ubisoft have used the actual Millennium Mill building in their game which has apparently been used in a number of video shoots including scenes in the movie Full Metal Jacket and a music video from Coldplay. We visited the location to find the abandoned Millennium Mill and its adjoining building which we see Sam Fisher infiltrate during the opening of the mission to gather intel on the Engineer cell. The mill is close to London’s Excel exhibition center and is cordoned off with restricted access and 24 hour security – none of them spotted Sam Fisher it seems. The first video shows the view from the opposite side of the river which looks familiar when viewing the in game footage. The second video shows more footage of the building from Youtube user Ben Woodhams.

Splinter Cell Blacklist - The Abandoned Mill London UK

Millennium Mills


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