RTX 3090 4K Benchmark Videos – Boundary, Deus Ex MD & Shadow of the Tomb Raider

With the newly released RTX 3090 from Nvidia, we put our ASUS RTX 3090 TUF 24GB OC version to the test in three different benchmark tools. Boundary RTX tool shows off the effectiveness of DLSS. The now aged Deus Ex Mankind Divided benchmark shows that adding MSAA doesn’t have to kill the experience. Playing at Ultra preset looks good and maintains high frames per second, whereas with the RTX 2080 Ti would have struggled to with these settings. Finally, Shadow of the Tomb Raider shows there is substantial differences across quality settings using DLSS and Ray traced shadows. Either way, the 3090 and its sibling the 3080 allows you push these experience to high levels of detail in 4K and maintain high frames per second.

Please note: Aside from the Deus Ex Mankind Divided result. The temps in the other two are somewhat high for our 3090. We had a closer look and cleared some fan obstruction inside the case. We saw an massive drop in temperature from 85c max down to 67c max. We also found the high GPU temp didn’t affect the results so much either.

Written by: Robert Cram

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