Rise of the Tomb Raider Square Wants You to Pay For Re-skinned Threads Already on Disc

Crystal Dynamics has released a new Rise of the Tomb Raider Siberian Ranger outfit for Lara Croft which is a green variant of the infiltrator outfit and doesn’t look as good. It’s yours as part of a £2.39/$3.95 pack of cards which also include some other goodies such as the Accipiter Nox Semi-Automatic Pistol skin. The Infiltrator outfit is unlocked for free by playing the game. It’s interesting that Square are milking fans to pay for content which is worse looking than the free stuff you unlock in the game and it transpires is already on the disc. Some users have reported though they have been able to craft the outfit without having to pay. Take a look at the video which shows the outfit in the wild so to speak and then decide whether it’s worth a shot.

infiltrator vs siberian

siberian ranger 2

Written by: Rob Cram

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  1. DLConspiracy// November 25, 2015 |

    Nice clickbait BS. You can earn that outfit while playing the story mode. Not these trial based joke timed missions crap. Not to mention you get so many points in the actual game from playing the story. Ya know the main part of the game. The one everyone cares about. You earn the points for playing the game the spend the points on these cards that apparently buy you packs to use ONLY on these trial runs. I also earned the damn outfit in game story mode. So whoever buys these packs is out of their mind. I’d be surprised if people actually play the expeditions even. CD did a horrible job of making people want to play expedition trials mode too. Which is what these Microtransactions need for people to want to consider buying any packs outside of the thousands of in game points you already get in game.

    • Rob Cram November 26, 2015 |

      You must have missed “Some users have reported though they have been able to craft the outfit without having to pay. ” Either way, it’s up for sale on the marketplace and that’s a fact.

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