Rise of the Tomb Raider Enters Top Best Sellers on Amazon After Price Cut

Perhaps this is obvious but it’s still interesting to note that Microsoft’s timed Xbox One exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider which released on November 10th 2015 has had quite a substantial price cut on the Amazon.com website and Microsoft store. There’s a 33% off saving from the game which normally retails at $59.99 and can now be snagged for as little as $39.99. Before this offer the game was hovering around the 60 to 70th positions in Amazon’s software best sellers chart but has now unsurprisingly jumped and entered the the top ranks after eyeing up the leaders from the outside not long after the discount was offered. Whilst having such a large price cut not so long after launch might not be seen as a good sign for the product, the fact that it has an increase in sales means its prominence on the Amazon website has increased which could encourage further sales.

We recently reported estimated first week sales of the game on Xbox One and Xbox 360 at around 300,000 units and can update this with the second week pushing the sales up to around 440,000 units worldwide (according to the estimated data of VGChartz). Again, whilst this perhaps pales in comparison to its predecessor, it has to be noted that the lack of PS4, PS3 and PC potential sales has limited its growth. Still, Microsoft has commented that it’s happy with the deal it stuck with Square Enix to secure the game first on its platform and over the longer term it might pay dividends for them as gamers move away from the other big releases this holiday season such as Fallout 4, Black Ops III and Star Wars Battlefront which have dominated.

rise of the tomb raider amazon

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Please note : The Amazon Best Sellers Chart updates every hour which means listings positions fluctuate quite a lot since making the comments in this article the listing has dropped from 10th place to 11th as an example.

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    • DLConspiracy// December 9, 2015 |

      Forged in Greatness Killed by gamers who wanted another console to fail more like, isn’t that right assasinscreed3

      • Actually NO thats not right I have no interest in seeing Microsoft fail, but you can’t deny that this was a dirty move even for them. To intentional strike a deal that DENYS TR the very fanbase who made TR worth a reboot and who played it and kept it alive for two decades is straight up dirty. SO I’m happy to see them fail in this venture as it’s exactly what they deserve. NOW SE has NOT only lost money they’ve damaged their franchise and Alienated their fanbase those are good thing to do when you’re trying to get them to buy your game.

        • DLConspiracy// December 9, 2015 |

          It’s still coming to the PS4. Should xbox fans hate Bungie for their timed BS? Should Nintendo and Xbox abandon Capcom for SF5? No because it will sell more on the PS. So thats OK?

          Look I’ve said from the get go that I wasn’t fond of this deal. Nor am I with any exclusive deal. I don’t hand select deals I feel are ok to fans and ones that arent. People online are though. Now you know how PC gamers feel with certain titles. Having to wait or getting leftovers down the road. GTA anyone? In any case it’s a sale on amazon. Not exactly a dooming thing to occur for a game. Even if some fans have decided to doom it because they happen to only game one place on one console.

  1. datdude December 8, 2015 |

    Poor Lara. She deserved better than the mess Square and Microsoft stuck her with.

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